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No Startup Sound for Windows 10

At least by default it doesn’t seem there is a startup sound. This is GREAT!

I travelled this week and have no idea how many times I heard the Windows 7 startup sound. Why do you need a sound? The only real reason I can think of is because the startup is so slow. The user has gone on to other tasks and you need to let them know, “Hey! I’ve actually done something now.”

But Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 is pretty fast for booting. It’s so nice to open it up in a meeting and not have to lunge for the volume so you don’t disturb the meeting.

Stated a different way, LOTS of people this week disturbed others as they started up their devices. They respond with a sheepish and embarrassed smile, but it’s not really their fault – it’s Microsoft. Or was. But not any more.

Thank you Microsoft for realizing that just starting a device isn’t noteworthy of announcing the the entire room or airplane.

Yours truly,

An Introvert

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